maandag 19 januari 2015


Everybody who is interested in Napoleon knows about Wagram. Nowedays we say Deutsch-Wagram. It is an flat field, where you can see far away. No hills to hide as in Austerlitz.
In October 2014 when we had 'done' Austerlitz, we went to Wagram.
There is a route starting at the museum in Wagram with many signs that explain the former situation.
Maps are included. So I made that route in about a day. When I was home I made a website again.
Look at and you see a short summary of the battle and the many pictures I made. Included is the GSP of every object.

                                               the museum at Wagram in Oct. 2014

maandag 12 januari 2015


In October 2014 I made a trip of 12 days to Austria, Vienna and Austerlitz.
We started at Brno, a beautiful city in Tsechia.
All around the battlefield. You can made a battletour on your own. It takes more than three days!
On my latest website you can see photographs and teksts.

My next items will be Cuba (February 2015) and Canada (April 2015).
About that later when I have been returned!