woensdag 30 juni 2010


My second trip to Dakar (Senegal) has just been finished.
Ten days I spended there to help a school for Transport&Logistiscs to improve their methods of teaching, ICT, competenses of the students, founding a library, e.s.o.

Napoleon has never been in Senegal (but St.Helena is rather near!), but in dec. 2009, when I was there for the first time, I saw a garden founded by a French botanist of his decate.

This it was very simple!
In the reception of my hotel I saw suddenly these chair! And I had walked by it already many times!
It is a Napoleontic chair. The ladies at the reception had not any idea what, when or why!

zondag 6 juni 2010

Hair of Napoleon

In my life untill now I have three times seen original hair of Napoleon.
The first occasion was on the island of AIX  in France.
But I cannot find the photograph I took there.

The second was during my voyage to St. Helena.
Look at the pictures:

Now I saw for the third times a haircombination in Ajaccio (Corse).
The left is from Napoleon, the middle are branches of the trees of his tomb on St.Helena.
The right is hair from the son of Napoleon, called le Roi du Rome.

All hairpieces have a red glow!