donderdag 3 december 2015


In November 2015 my wife and I went for some days to London.
It was a little bit rainy, but later on it was dry.
We visited many 'objects' in relation with Napoleon.
You can see the results on:

Wellington before the Bank of |England

dinsdag 6 oktober 2015

Opponents of Napoleon in Wales.

My latest website is about the opponents of Napoleon in Wales.
One of the most interesting events was (for me) the Last Invasion of Britain.
Loo at the website at Fishguard and read about Jeremia Nicolas, who as a woman held 13 French soldiers in captivity!

It stroke me that.........

During the installation of Windows 10 on my computer I wrote the name of Napoleon Bonaparte on a piece of paper. Under each character I placed the position of it in the alphabeth. Simple principel: a = 1; b = 2; c = 3 eso.
The word NAPOLEON is then; 14-1-16-15-12-5-15-14.
The word BONAPARTE is then: 2-15-14-1-16-1-18-20-5.

When you add NAPOLEON the result is 92.
When you add BONAPARTE the result is also 92.
How is this possible? And what does this mean?

donderdag 1 oktober 2015

Opponents to Napoleon in South-England and Wales

During ten days in Septembre 2015 I visited the south of England and Wales with my friend.
I was looking for the opponents of Napoleon there. I found a lot of them! But also relics of Napoleon himself! A handkerchief, a dead mask, portraits eso!
Look at my latetst website about this trip:

Wales will follow!


vrijdag 25 september 2015

In the north of Germany

In June 2015 we went by camper (the green bus, called Pössl!) to the northern of Germany.
First the weather was good, later very bad!
We went to the second German wadden isle called Norderney.
Even there we found traces of Napoleon's soldiers.
Visiting many towns, villages eso we arrived at Stettin (Poland) and then we returned.
Because our frigidaire in the camper

 was broken we had to go home.
See the results of this 12 days trip on:

maandag 18 mei 2015

In May 2015 we made a trip along the new openend Route Napoléon in Belgium.
It is about 90 km long and it indicaded by signs.
But the route is in my opinion not clearly enough, the mistakes you make, are too many!
I was glad that I had done my homeworks with Le Guide Napoléon!
We finished our trip after five days in Waterloo because of the rain.
There is a lot to repair (Waterloo parking place and new Museum, museum Le Caillou)
before the 200 years memorial op 18 Jun 2015!

See for the results of this short tour on:

zondag 26 april 2015

Going to Canada eso.

With my friend I went from 30 March till 11 April 2015 to the USA, Canada and Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. On our route we met different Napoleon-objects. It was suprising that even in the cold snow Napoleon-objects are to be found, in open air and in museums.
You can all read it on my latest website:

Give me your reaction please!

vrijdag 27 februari 2015


From 2 - 14 Febr. 2015 my wife and I went to Cuba.
We made a trip by bus during 10 days, called Cuba TOTAAL.
It is another world to us.
I don't mention the old cars, the 'modern' hotels eso.
Nature is beautiful, food plenty.

Of course I was looking for something about Napoleon.
Homework I had done was resulting in 3 items.
One of them is amazing: the largest Napoleon museum out of France you find in Havanna!
We spent two hours there!

All pictures you can find on my latest website this:

I hope you are surprised too!

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maandag 19 januari 2015


Everybody who is interested in Napoleon knows about Wagram. Nowedays we say Deutsch-Wagram. It is an flat field, where you can see far away. No hills to hide as in Austerlitz.
In October 2014 when we had 'done' Austerlitz, we went to Wagram.
There is a route starting at the museum in Wagram with many signs that explain the former situation.
Maps are included. So I made that route in about a day. When I was home I made a website again.
Look at and you see a short summary of the battle and the many pictures I made. Included is the GSP of every object.

                                               the museum at Wagram in Oct. 2014

maandag 12 januari 2015


In October 2014 I made a trip of 12 days to Austria, Vienna and Austerlitz.
We started at Brno, a beautiful city in Tsechia.
All around the battlefield. You can made a battletour on your own. It takes more than three days!
On my latest website you can see photographs and teksts.

My next items will be Cuba (February 2015) and Canada (April 2015).
About that later when I have been returned!