donderdag 6 mei 2010

Unkown Bonaparte-childeren

During my journey in april 2010 on Corsica I stayed for two days in Ajaccio. This is the town where Napoleon was born. Of course I visited his home of birth.
The second day I bouhgt a little book, called La jeunesse inédite de Napoléon. (see picture).
When I was in the evening reading my eye felt on a scheme of the family tree of Napoleon. (see picture).

What stroke me is this:

The first child of the parents of Napoleon is born dead (1765).
The second is a girl, named Maria-Anna, 1767 - 1767. She lived probably a few days or months.
The third child is Joseph.
The fourth one is Napoleon.
The fifth child is again a Maria-Anne. (1771 - 1771). Gone soon! Second of this name!
The sixth child is a dead-born (1773).
The seventh child is Lucien.
Then follows as the eigth again a Maria-Anne (1776 - 1776). Lived short! Third of this name!
The nineth child is Maria-Anne!-Elisa. She is the first child with the name Maria-Anne who stayed alive!
The last childeren were Louis, Pauline, Caroline and Jerôme.
All togehter Charles and Letizia Bonaparte have had 13 childeren.

Of course I know that a lot of babies died quickly in those days, but is there anyone who knows something more about that dead-born or shortly living childeren Bonaparte?

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  1. Very interesting information, I never knew about the other children who died young.