donderdag 4 november 2010

A new book about Napoleon

During one of the last days I was in France this summer I did my shopping in a brand new supermarket of E.Leclerc. Since a few years you meet in the front of such new buildings a lot of other shops, also a vast bookstore of E.Leclerc itself.
I saw this book about Napoleon and of course I bought it at once.
When it's opend you see directly that this book is artificially elderd.
More: there are copies of letters of Napoleon, battlemaps, eso.
The tekst is good, but not amazing.
The pictures are well known.
But: the layout and the size stroke me.
See for your self!
(Today (fryd 5th nov. 2010 I was in the American Bookstore in The Hague (Netherlands). There I saw this book in English!)

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  1. I have this book, I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with even a passing interesting in Napoleonic history.