zondag 5 juni 2011


In July, September and November 2011 there will be the next numbers of the new Dutch magazine about Napoleon. (Napoleon in Nederland 1811 - 2011).
In sept/okt. 2011 it is 200 years ago that he visited Holland, then a part of his empire. He was the ruler those days and he wanted to inspect Holland as a country ready to defend against England.

Divers cities in The Netherlands have exhibitions about this trip. This all is mentioned in that new Dutch magazine. You can also see the routes he took. Napoleon had made a trip of about 775 km by coach.
He also travelled over water. He did so in about five weeks.
A wellknown motorcycler in Holland has comes with the idee to make motorcycleroute of this.
He visited me, got aware that I am a rider too and we accorded that I shall make the routes and program them in the Garmin GPS. I produce also the special subscriptions and anecdotes that are known.

So I have work to do! But this is nice work! First we travel all the routes by camper (I have already made them in the computer with Mapsource). Then we cycle by bike (not: motorbike!) in the cities and take original pictutes for publishing. Later I shall ride them accurate for controll on my motorbike. I have a BMW 1100 RT.

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  1. Interesting idea. Look forward to doing some of this route myself one day - but not on motorcycle!