zondag 25 november 2012

Napoleon in Poland

Naoleon has been a few times in Poland, in his time called Grand-Duchesse de Warschau. (1806, 1807 and 1812).
It looked very interesting for me to look after whats is left from that episode in Poland itself.
Therefore I took an airplane to Krakow with my travelcompanien. We hired a car and started with a selfprepaired conceptplan in our hands a trip of about 3200 km all around Poland.
(Of course I used Le Guide Napoléon for basic material!).
We had a rather hard, but nice trip of about 8 days in November 2012.
So I lost my iPad and my Garmin (both returned!)
We also visited at the end Auswitz. Thats is horrible to see! I placed no pictures of this item on the website.
You can all see on my latetst website Napoleon in Poland. (www.roelkvos.nl/nappolen)

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