donderdag 21 augustus 2014

In Brussels

In april we went to Brussels.
There is a lot to see and to seek about Napoleon.
As usual I used Le Guide Napoléon as my guid.
Look at:

to see the results!

This time it was a little hard to find all the objects.
We did Brussels in two times with an interval of tree weeks.
The first time we went on bike to the inner city.
Brussels seemed to be a little more hilly then we had suggested!

The second time I drove by camper through the city.
That is no fun. The problem is the parking, always!
I had to jump out of the camper to take a picture in an instant!

But.... we succeded!

                                                                 General Belliard

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  1. What a thorough examination of the Napoleon associations in Brussels. What do you think are the most significant objects/places for someone as lazy as me!