dinsdag 28 juni 2016

On Mauritius

In April 2016 my wife and I went to Mauritius.
We had two reasons.
First: since Chrismas 2015 our son, his woman and four grandchildren have been for a long period working and living there. We liked to see them, so we went! It was a nice stay!
Second: there are a few traces of the Napoleontic-area on Mauritius. In the former days it was a French Island, called Île de France. We could not find everthing, but we have planned to return in 2017 to search for the rest.
The results of our work you can see on: www.roelkvos.nl/napmauritius

Some of the many (familiy) pictures I show here!

This was our favorit swimming spot!

Four grandchildren running around
the First Dutch Landing Monument

The First Dutch Landing Monument

Roel at Fort Hendrik Hendrik

At Point Diable

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  1. Fine work, nice trip! A recommendation to get mpore information about l´empereur, his voyages, his "islands" (specially St. Helen), his last Hundred Days and Waterloo. See "Seventy images for hundred days" at Amazon store.
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    Best R.