zaterdag 12 februari 2011

New Dutch Magazine about Napoleon

A brand new Napoleon magazine is presented in the Dutch language in the Netherlands!
It is the first of a series of six. Two hunderd years ago (24th sept. till 31th oct. 1811) Napoleon visited with his wife Marie-Louise the Netherlands, then called Holland. His brother Louis-Napoleon had been king there from 1806 till 1810. Then Napoleon himself toke over. This journey was ment to survey Holland and especially the defindingworks against the English. When he left Holland Napoleon was rather satisfied on what he had seen and heard!
This new magazine will appear every two month starting febr./mrt. 2011.
Beautiful drawings, paintings and stories in detail about this visit.
I think it are the details that makes history so interresting.
But not everyone thinks this way!
Below you see some pictures of this magazine!

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                                                           coming 5 editions  
A map of Amsterdam with the entree of Napoleon on the 9th oct. 1811

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