vrijdag 18 februari 2011

On the road again!

On the 3th of april 2011 I will departure for Moscou with my Russian speaking friend.
Arriving there we will hire a car and with good speed we will drive to Smolensk (about 400 km).
Then I will take Le Guide Napoléon as a traval companian. From then we shall return to Moscou by car in slow speed.

During about ten days I will try to discover the road, places, buildings, monuments, statues eso. that are described in Le Guide. The preparations showed me about 130 items I can meet. I will be satisfied when about a 100 items will be visited (and photografed and tagged with gps!).
Highlights will be: Smolensk, Valoetina-Gora, DoroghobouĂŻ, Viazma, Ghjat,  Borodino, Mojaisk, Moscou isteslf. Then to the south to Malo-Jaroslavitz.

A study of 12 books about Napoleon going to Moscou (and return!) forms the fundament of this voyage.
I am ready now with my studying.

When we are returned I will give here a summary of this trip (just a voyage? nostagic travel? discovery trip? I don't know how to name it, but I'm sure I like it!)


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  1. What a fascinating trip. I look forward to reading your report.
    kind regards