dinsdag 11 juni 2013

In May 2013 I nearly finished Le Guide Napoléon concerning Le Bas Rhin (67), called The Elzas. We have had a lot of rain and some objects were very hard to find! E.g.: can you imagine that in an underground carparking I found a plaqette about General Kléber? It was in Strasbourg. In the middle of this parking centre stands a statue of Kléber. Beneath is the carparking. Kléber himself is burried in the foot of the statue, but that is of course underground. It was very interesting to find a PC on such a pecular spot! No wind, no rain eso. can ever damage this PC!
Look at my latest website:
and you can see by Starbourg, Standbeelden more pictures of this special item!

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