maandag 23 september 2013

Bas-Rhin is now finished!

During a year and a half I visited four times the Bas-Rhin in France to search for all the Napoleontic-object, mentioned in Le Guide Napoléon.
It took a lot of time, the weather was not always beautifull!
But now you can see the results on

Very typical (only in the Elzas I believe) are the 'bancs-reposoir du roi de Rome". They are a memory to the son of Napolen. See picture below.
I think, there must be more then 100 banc. They all are dated 1811.
Don't mix them with the bancs of 1864 tributed to Napoleon III and his wife, in the Bas-Rhin.

                                                                  Banc in Lembach

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