zaterdag 9 januari 2010


In 2001 I visited Elba on my motorbike.
It was a nice trip and I stayed three days on this island.
Of course I looked after all the traces Napoleon left there.
Elba has a beautiful museum, that has some interesting things about him.
So I saw, under a glass cover, the book of Antommarchi.
He was the last physician, that treated Napoleon, he was there when our great man died.
There are stories about Antommarchi, that sound not so very well.
By exemple: he was often not available when he was needed. He was in Jamsetown then with his (female) friends.
He wrote his book in two volumes. The Elba copy was in Italian from 1827, later in France I bought a copy myself in French from 1825. I am a little proud of this item. I took some photo's of it.


Below you also see my rare Dutch copy from about 1925. I like that one too!


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  1. You have certainly visited all the main places in the Napoleonic story. Have you also been to Egypt?