vrijdag 8 januari 2010

Reasons to go to St.Helena

In february 2009 I was on my way to St.Helena.
There were about 100 passengers on the boat.
I ask some of them why they were going to St.Helena.
I have noted down following reasons, some were surprising!

1. I have been away and now returning, because I live there.
2. My ancestors have been born there and I want for the first time to see it.
3. Because of the typical birds and flowers.
4. It is a special destination.
5. Being away for some time from family and friends.
6. I have to controll the financial situation on St.Helena (a controller of the London Gouvernement).
7. We are going on holidays!
8. To help with health care on the island.
9. A stamp collector: I want to see with my own eyes the real pictures on the island
10. I am a traveller all over the world, I am a collector of countries.
11. Roel Vos himself says: I go (of course) for Napoleon Bonaparte!

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